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The last seven years have resulted in considerable improvement in the OpenStack core, and it has become the de-facto platform for virtualizing CSP networks. Most CSPs try to use a Vanilla version of OpenStack to support NFV and have been learning the hard way that OpenStack is more complicated and is 10x harder to operate. This is the dilemma; most CSPs get past the install (day 0) but fall flat once they try to actually operate OpenStack (day2).

This paper describes IDX’s experiences through the delivery life cycle of OpenStack.

Day 2 represents the day your OpenStack cloud begins its operational life and every day forward until it is decommissioned from service. It represents the living, breathing version of your cloud and requires the appropriate care and feeding activities necessary to keep it alive, growing and healthy.

NFV DAY 2 - The Critical Tipping Point

Virtualizing traditionally hardware-based network functions is revolutionizing how service providers and enterprises drive customer responsiveness, while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Interdynamix has been at the leading edge of NFV, with multiple client deployments and significant investment in R&D, training, and lab testing.  We understand both the Service Provider environment and the technology issues. See how we can help your business to differentiate!

IDX has worked with commercialized Vanilla OpenStack distributions for many years, and over the last 4 years as a platform for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) with CSPs. IDX performs day 0, day 1 and day 2 as part of its OpenStack/NFV solution and managed service offerings.

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Wind River Titanium Cloud vs "Vanilla OpenStack" - An Economic & Technical Comparative Analysis


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